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Hot-rolled Grooved Fittings

Hot-rolled Grooved Fittings
Product Details:
Hot-rolled Grooved Fittings
Also called as PE Powder Lining Grooved Fittings or PE Lined Grooved Fittings,
they are the kind of composite fittings,made of galvanized ductile iron grooved fittings UL/FM listed with
inside red color polyethylene (PE) powder coating under high temperature. 
Generally they are used to connect the PE-lined Galvanized Steel Pipe
Tthe size available is from 1" to 12" (Pipe O.D is from 33.7mm to 323.9mm)
Since the lining covering the interior and ends of the fittings, they are also used for abrasive and
corrosive service applications.

Elbow 90

Elbow 45

Flange Adaptor


  Cap   Concentric Reducer

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