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PP-lined G.I Fittings

PP-lined G.I Fittings
Product Details:
 PP-lined Malleable Cast Iron Fittings
Also called as Lined G. I Fittings or Polymer-cored Pipe Fittings In Malleable Cast Iron by some clients.
They are made of G. I Fittings and lined with PP via injection machine, 
used to connect the PE-lined Steel Pipe or PVC-lined Steel Pipe by thread.
The working pressure can be up to 1.6Mpa and the size available is from 1/2" to 4" (15mm to 100mm).
As an option, the lining can be PVC also.
Specification: BS EN 10241:2000, BS EN10226-1:2004, BS EN10242, BS143&1256  
              JWWA K116:1987, JPF MP003-2003, JPF MP005-2004, CJ/T137-2008

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