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PE-lined Steel Pipe

PE-lined Steel Pipe
Product Details:

PE-lined Steel Pipe
(PVC-lined Steel Pipe available)

Specification: BS 1387-1985, GB/T28897-2012, JWWA K116-2004

PE-lined steel pipe consists of galvanized steel pipe and PE lining hose.
PE lining hose is bonded tightly to the inside wall of galvanized steel pipe through special process under high temperature and pressure. This pipe has both excellent corrosion resistance of PE and high strength of steel pipe.
The pipe can be used for potable water supply system both hot (red lining) and cool (white lining) liquid.
It is also applied in the transfer for some caustic flow.

For the galvanized steel pipe used, it is under the specification of BS1387-1985 Medium class.
And for the thickness of PE-lining hose, from 1/2" to 2 1/2", it is 1.5+-0.2mm, from 3" to 6", it is 2.0+-0.2mm.

The PE-lined galvanized steel pipe passes all the tests of BS6980 part II, one of the most stringent standards on cleanliness of water pipe and can be used for drinking water supply. And also they conform to the specification ofJWWA K116: 2004, CJ/T136-2007,KSD3761-2003.
The standard length is 6 meters, and special requirement on length can also be accepted.

Cold water type can be used to delivery water under 60 degree centigrade
Hot water type can be used to delivery water under 95 dgreee centigrade


1. Excellent corrosion resistance

The transported fluid and the metal layer, which is the main source of corrosion or rust,
can be separated completely and effectively. With contact only with the PE pipe,
that has excellent corrosion resistance, the water is kept fully clean and uncontaminated.
The usage life of the products is also greatly prolonged.

2. Excellent mechanical properties

The PE lined steel pipe has excellent properties characterized by the galvanized steel pipe, such as high durability to the impact, bending and high strength.

3. High Density

The PE pipe is formed by squeezing process, material of which is high density food-hygiene standard PE.

4. Smooth fluidity

With its smooth internal surface, the fluid can run smoothly and quickly thus to avoid the block.


The pipe is to be securely fastened by steel straps, with ends protected with plastic caps.
Each bundle weighs about 1.0-1.5 tons.


The PE lined steel pipe inherits mechanical strength of steel pipe and corrosion resistance of PE pipe
and is widely used in plumbing system of buildings.   

 1. Water supply

Suitable for the pipeline system of tap water, in both residential and commercial buildings.

2. Transporting the industrial fluid

Suitable for the chemical fluid and industrial water transportation.

3. Sewage pipe line

Suitable for transporting the sewage water of city and industry.

4. Mining project

Being adopted in water supply system of mining project due to its durability to high impact.

5. Others

Other applications such as food processing, sea water transportation and air-conditioning installation.

Meanwhile, we also manufacture PE powder Lining Galvanized Steel Pipes under the specifications
of JWWA K132: 2004, CJ/T120-2008,KS D 3619 :2007. For the PE powder lining, from 1/2" to 2 1/2", the thickness is not less than 0.4mm, and from 3" to 6", the thickness is not less than 0.5mm, and from 8" to 12", the thickness is not less than 0.6mm.
And the galvanized steel pipes used is under the BS 1387-1985 Medium Class or
Light Class can also be supplied if need by customers.